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We are coming to the end of another year dominated by the COVID pandemic which continues to affect worldwide health, Peace, economic security, and social well-being. We Sincerely hope the new year that comes will put an end to this dreaded pandemic and will lead us on to a new normal life.

Me and my organization, The Europe Peace Foundation (EPF), have been working non stop for the agenda of World Peace by 2030. I urge all world leaders, dissidents, and armed groups to join hands and stand up on my “GLOBAL PEACE 2030” agenda. As I have requested the world to renounce arms war, violence, strife, bitterness and join us on the path of peace. With all your support the next nine years to Global Peace will be a grand success.

I call for peace, unity and dialogue in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria, Afghanistan, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Somalia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Rwanda, Cuba, Israelis – Palestinian, Iran, North Korea, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Myanmar to resolve all global conflict.

The pandemic COVID-19 has caused great suffering, misery and a decrease in the human global population for two years greatly affecting global economy, impacting the natural reserves of the environment causing great imbalance in production and risking the availability of such resources in the future. People dependent on this have suffered greatly and continue suffering great inequality and discrimination due to these inequalities and this needs to change.

¨UNACCEPTABLE¨would be the one word used to describe the current situation for the majority of the population of humans suffering on planet earth. Conflicts and cold wars between countries in the want of power cause more damage to the ¨Common Man¨ than it does to anyone else.
People with low income continue to suffer the Virus as they cannot afford to Vaccinate themselves and their families while the Affluent people are over vaccinated creating an image of the vaccine being fashionable. Poor Countries obviously devoid of this so considered ¨fashion Vaccine¨ continue to suffer and die due to the inequality on planet earth.

There is one God and everybody should follow the Religion of Humanity to save the situation and help each other selflessly. Only then will the world be a better place for every one to live in.

On behalf of The Europe Foundation, I wish you all around the world a year filled with abundant peace, freedom, democracy, ayear without war, misery injustice and inequality, a year filled with Peace.


Sappan KC

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