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Madrid Spain
The earthquake that has struck Syria and Turkey continues to devastate the regions. The death toll rises every day.
Syria has undergone years of civil war and harsh dictatorships.
Ninety percent of Syrian people live under the poverty line.
The United States and other countries have placed sanctions on the Syrian government. Sanctions affect the most vulnerable of society.
The relationship between the United States and Syria is becoming a potential obstacle to humanitarian relief to aid the people.
Many are very worried that the politics of the country will hinder the desperate need for aid in the country.
The Syrian regime has a hostile relationship with many countries, so sending humanitarian relief has become a potential problem.
The United Nations has the mandate to send aid to Syria. However, with a politically torn country and ongoing conflicts, the efficiency of humanitarian assistance has become complicated.
International rescue teams must be on the ground without governmental obstacles.
The political relationships of the country should not deter the ability to save the lives of Syrians affected by the earthquake.

The sanctions placed on Syria must be lifted in order to aid the Syrian people.